I like to break rules. In the winter of 2014 I broke my lease, quit my job, and broke up with my life in Milwaukee, WI to move home to Buffalo, NY. I love change and going off the beaten path. Change makes you feel vulnerable and scared, but it forces you to grow. Change ignites fire in your soul. It leads you to new beginnings. My breakup with Milwaukee lead to my relationship with this beautiful, talented but down to earth city. Buffalo is cool, man. Buffalo is different. The people here are just crazy enough to keep things interesting and exciting. People here are humble, creative and feisty. I love it. I love that moving to Buffalo lead me to this incredible venture you see here. My move to Buffalo ignited a new fire in my soul. I promised myself to make this life the best it can be, and to always look for challenges to better myself. I am my best, most creative self when I am practicing yoga regularly, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and praying. I think when you feel good, you treat people better. I hope that I inspire you to find your best self as well. I hope that you find my creations, advice and learnings beneficial to your life. I hope they ignite a fire in your soul and inspire you to break the rules once in awhile, go off the beaten path, and most importantly, rid your life of the things that make you unhappy.